Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012: A year in review

Is is just me or did this past year fly? It seriously feels like moments ago that I was summing up 2011. This year held so much. 
In January, I started the year hanging out with my eldest and we prepared to sell our house. 
Jake was not impressed. 

February marked an overdue phone call from a friend. First times at a Hibachi grill and learning first hand just how little sleep I could get when showing the house.

March brought in warm weather and a new family member. My boys grew right before my very eyes and I dealed with some things.

April brought in fun rain showers and Jake's infamous "lightening face". We put the house back on the market when the first offer fell through. It was a minor set back and I loathed having to show the house again, but Praise God, it didn't take long to get another offer. Easter came this month and it was so much fun to watch the excitement with the kids over finding eggs.  I also learned more about myself and finally felt some release.  And how could I forget the great snowstorm of 2012? It was epic. ;)

May brought my first Mother's Day since Daniel died. It was..ok. Once I finally could see out of my veil of grief to welcome the life I still have. May wasn't my finest of months. I did hit a parked car and broke down in Mercy's garage. Jake turned 3 and we celebrated at Chuck E Cheese. He still talks of his birthday and his cool Cars cupcake cake

In June we celebrated 5 years of marriage, a first birthday, and I took up running. That lasted just a few months but boy, do I miss it.

July. Oh July. If it wasn't for family and church, it surely would have been unbearable. Ryan and I made it one year. It was hard. {It still is hard.} But we made it. Together. As a family, we triumphed in the midst of a tragedy. As a Christian, I grew closer to my God. He was written into all of my year. Interwoven into my hurt, my questions, my fears, my anguish, my feats. If not for His promises of safety and eternity, I surely would be writing of a different 2012.

August was hot. So hot. I celebrated a birthday. We sold our house and moved to a temporary address. A huge chunk of stress was lifted. And a beautiful boy was honored by some wonderful friends. 

September brought a major life changing decision. One that I prayed and labored over for quite a while. Ultimately, the best decision was made for me and my family and I put in my last weeks notice as a Labor and Delivery nurse. 

October brought cooler weather, a new job working as the nurse in an incredible OB-GYN office, a new daycare {and introduced new germs} and Halloween. Andrew really was the star on Halloween. He made me laugh and just really enjoy the moment.

November is most known for a month to reflect and give thanks. And it was. Here. And Here. Mr Metz also received a life saving award for his work in performing chest compressions on a man thru a sun roof. So, so proud. We also welcomed a perfect little blessing named Mason Daniel. I hope he always knows just how excited his Grandma and Aunts were for his arrival. I know we all stayed by the phones keeping tabs on his birth all night. And maybe we got a little slap happy around 3. Someone will deliver with a squatting chair!

December. Oh December. I am still reeling from you. Daniel's birthday was honored with a collection to the Children's Home Society. I was absolutely humbled at the response. Got a lesson from good ol' Gideon, too. I just pray that those receiving the gifts feel the love that was shared in the giving and collecting.  A guest post debuted this month and it's words ring true everyday. I started and ended my month probably the most depressed and down since last July. I had a lot of troubles on my heart and mind. It wasn't the greatest for America as a whole. I struggled till just about the end of the month, praying that the lesson to be learned would arrive. It did and just in time. {post soon} Christmas was, well, a lot different then I had imagined. But it was real. And the time with family will always be treasured. 

I already know this is going to be another whirlwind year. Up next: Another move. A fresh start. More birthdays to celebrate and lives to cherish with more letter writing and less Facebook perusing.


  1. Great post, Amanda. And I love that guest blog post that you did! I love the Psalms! Here's another one I found:
    "You crown the year with Your bounty, and Your carts overflow with abundance." Psalm 65:11

    1. That's a wonderful verse for a new year!

  2. Great post and recap of the ups and downs of your past year. Wishing you an amazing 2013 with more healing and good days.
    Thinking of you!!