Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good-bye 2011

I really should be organizing my house right now because Andrew is sleeping and Jake is supposed to be sleeping but I hear his cars, but I just want a moment to myself.

I cannot believe 2011 is coming to a close. I am so ready for this year to end. It's been bittersweet, obviously, and I have felt so aged so fast. It's really hard to wrap myself around all of what 2011 brought. There have been so really good moments entwined with some bad and I guess that rings true for everyone. A lot can happen in 365 days. But this year has been especially personal for me and I would like to share some of the highlights.

First trips. Florida was tiring, fun, warm and sandy. The boys hated the beach, loved Mustangs and hunted Easter eggs. Ryan experienced a tornado and went above and beyond helping in Missouri.
Jake turned 2-and still loves to eat.
Another little boy was added to the mix. A great blessing and a fun birth
I became a Mom of 3 for forever
A special 4th of July. Daniel picked out the best firework of the night. He was so proud of the rocket.
B4D. Lots..and lots...and lots! of books donated in honor of Daniel.
New ink.
My baptism on 9/11/11. An emotional day for sure but the best time in my life to affirm my faith in God.
Enjoying a special day with Jake and Andrew. The weather was perfect for friends and pumpkins. It was a nice reminder of what I have to be thankful for.
Remembering a very special little boy. All the people who have rallied around us and honored Daniel has been soul changing.
Cousins were reunited.
We honored a great big brother and formed a new brotherly bond.

A first Christmas.

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  1. It's great to hear you looking back on the good things in a year that had such an extremely difficult time in the middle of it. I'm proud of you, Amanda. You are such an awesome person!