Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This weekend Ryan and I did something we've never done before; we saw 2 movies back to back. A rarity to see a movie in itself, but to be able to view 2 was almost crazy! Despite the 1:00 (am!) ending and my moment of falling asleep, it was a fantastic night-especially since we shared it with my best bud, Rach.

Les Mis, in my opinion, was better than the play I saw in London. The actors that were cast did phenomenal in their roles and I cried at least 3 times. Lincoln was really neat to see, too. The historical comedy and dialogue, while difficult to follow occasionally given it was close to midnight, was entertaining to the history lover in me. Felt for Mary Todd in regards to losing a son, too. In fact, in regards to how men and women approach grief over losing a son, even if it was touched on momentarily, was eye opening. I think I came away respecting Ryan more.

I've noticed (revisited?) that it seems so hard for me to step away from my mothering role and step into my wife role and best friend role. As soon as I step away from the boys, I have guilt that I've left them and stepping out of that skin seems almost foreign to me; like I can't quite remember how to be anything but a mom. This weekend helped shed that anxiety. It felt wonderful to be a different role. It was so nice to spend uninterrupted time with my husband and best friend. To examine other entertainment outside of hot wheels, Chuggington, coloring and superheroes. I've been missing being an adult and being in an adult centered environment. (Have not missed the crowds and annoying teenagers, though. Ugh, I really hope I wasn't like that but I'm pretty sure I thought I was the bees knees back then-and definitely would never have caught myself saying that!)
I'm catching on to the fact that I need both worlds to remain a stable person. And I must continue to learn and remember my kids do not need me constantly. But, of course, I would drop everything for them. Always.


  1. We TOTALLY weren't like that as teenagers! Absolutely not! ;-)

    I'm glad it was a good evening for you, too! Love you, friend