Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ABC of me

A blog I follow who follows another blog did an "ABC of me" and I thought, "why not?" I haven't been blogging as much as I used to and I do enjoy answering questions about myself.

A: age 29
B: biggest fear: losing another child
C: current time: lunchtime!
D: drink I last had: water
E: easiest person to talk to: My Mom
F: favorite song: "Roll to Me" I have a ton of favs so this is the very first I can remember labeling as a fav
G:grossest Memory: having to do wound cleaning on a patient whose wounds tunneled one into the other
H: hometown: St Louis
I: in love with: Dunkin Donuts. It's bad
J: jealous of: people who can travel often
K: killed someone: this is a weird question. No. But plenty of bugs
L: longest relationship: My best friend, Rachel. 18 years and counting
M: middle name: Rose
N: number of sibs: 1 brother
O: one wish: To see all my kids together
P: person I last called: Mercy for an induction
Q: question I am always asked: "Are you the nurse?"
R: reason to smile: my lady, Emma
S: song I last sang: "Roll to Me". It's now stuck in my head
T: time I woke: 5:30
U: underwear: red
V: vaca destination: I'm choosing to answer this as where I really want to go: Ireland
W: worst habit: leaving my dinner dish on the table
X: xray I have had: just of teeth
Y: your fav food: tacos
Z: zodiac: Leo

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Andrew is 4

This post is a bit late in the day but it's fitting in that Andrew was the main reason it hasn't been done. Well, and Emma. Both have needed attention today. Plus, getting Andrew to be still in one spot for more then 30 seconds is terribly hard. 
You turned 4 today. Even though we celebrated earlier, you still got to choose breakfast, dinner and dessert and got a new Paw Patrol toy. Daddy and I still don't know how you learned about Paw Patrol but it is your new best thing. Right up there with Power Rangers. 
I use pictures of the past year to help jog my memory when I write these posts and the most common picture I see of you is one that shows big smiles, tremendous energy and goofiness. I never knew pictures could display so much in a still image, but with you it's entirely possible. Daddy and I often use your name as an adjective; mostly in describing you. How else can we talk about Andrew without just saying, "he is so Andrew"? You have the biggest and brightest smile and your whole face lights up. And while your mouth can produce the best smile ever, it also produces the most noise ever. Sometimes you just need to scream. I really think if you stay still for too long it just bubbles out and you have to release some energy. We are constantly reminding you which voice volume is appropriate when. 
You've reached a stage where you can be very jealous of your sister and attention drawn away from you. It's been a bit harder dropping you off at daycare and it requires extra hugs and kisses. This past week you spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's and wanted to sleep in the pack n play in their room and specifically asked if a pink dinosaur was Emma's and when Grandma answered in the affirmative, you wanted it. Daddy and I try to make special times for all of you and you especially make it known when it's going to be an Andrew only day. I fear for you in the middle child roll and I know I've placed you there sometimes. I consciously make sure I acknowledge your growth with counting, writing and letter recognition in school and praise you and look at only you. And try to recognize when you need a hug versus when you need hug and a few more minutes in a hold. Physical touch is very important to you.
You are still just as stubborn and determined as ever. You get a look to you when you are stuck in your way and you can lace a statement with some barbed words if you've been hurt. You've gotten very good at crossing your arms and pouting. But completely on the flip side is your ability to still give what you have and think of others and help out. I've witnessed you giving up a treat to share with Jake and you've volunteered to help me and always want to help Grandpa with cars. You always want to get a gift for Jake and Sophia when we buy you a little something; it may be with our money but it's the thought :)
You are also a bit set in your ways. Shorts have to be just so, there are certain shirts you have a preference to wear and we must always fix your socks because the ribbed part near the toes bothers you.   it can be a bit tiring dressing you in the morning. 
You play hard. Whether it be as a superhero, or riding your bikes or playing ball, it is done with much enthusiasm. I sometimes wonder if you'll be involved with theater since you are so theatrical. You really do love to be surrounded by people. You still really can't play by yourself for very long. are also a great staler. You will find just about any excuse to get out of bed and when going back almost always take the long way around. You sleep crazy, too. Once, we found you under our bed when you were sleeping on our floor and another you got stuck at the bottom of your sleeping bag and couldn't get out. Thankfully, you've stopped taking off your pull up in the morning and climbing into bed with Jake sans bottoms.  
This year we will start preparing you for Kindergarten. I know this is going to be another period of big growth for you and I hope your Daddy and I can grow you up accordingly. You are my bigger then life child and the most dependable one for a cuddle or hug. I know this next year will be busy and big just because you're in it and I look forward to watching you become a big kid. Love you, Andrew Thomas. So much. 

What is your favorite number?  
Who are your friends? 
Elena, Austin, Caleb, Advaith, Josh
What is your favorite toy? 
Paw Patrol Marshall Firetruck
What is your favorite food?  
Cake and Pizza
What is your favorite color?
Green and blue
What is your favorite thing to play outside? 
Play with my helicopter
What is your favorite car? 
Green car
What is your favorite book? 
Paw Patrol book
What is your favorite animal? 
Monkey and Zebra
What do you want to do when you grow up? 
What is your favorite thing to do at school? 
Play with toys
Who are your favorite teachers? 
Ms Elena

Andrew is 3