Saturday, November 29, 2014

My life: November 30 2014

As we are swiftly closing in on year 2014, I have been wanting a moment to reflect on life at this time.  It's  been busy, loud, cluttered and lovely. 
Jake is 5.5 years old.  Andrew is 3.5 years old and Emma is 3 months old.  
Jake has had a complete turn around since we brought Emma home. He's going on over two months of having good behavior in school. He is the only one on book six in reading and has tripled the amount of words he recognizes. His coloring has greatly improved and so has his free hand drawing. He drew all of the Angry Birds by freehand one day in school. He really enjoys Explorers Club, the after school program, and will sometimes ask Ryan to pick him up later so he can participate in science club. He's been more helpful with putting away groceries and keeping his room clean. He's still whiney but I think that is more of age thing. 
Andrew has been having some growing pains-literally and figuratively. I think he's squarely in the middle child role and it's all taking us some time to adjust. I think in the past few weeks he has felt displaced. He's taken to sleeping with Jake now and it trying to get even closer to me physically then before. He is one of the most stubborn kids I've ever met and will stick to his guns-even if it's blatantly a lie. He also is having trouble with listening. If he gets reprimanded he immediately wants to hug you. And it is hard to reprimand him because I think he really doesn't understand and just marches to his drum. He continues to be a "helper" and finds great pride in assisting. Andrew recognizes most letters and 1-10 but has trouble with the higher ones, even thought he can count pretty high. He has more of an interest in playing with action figures and music. 
Emma is a doll. She is the queen of routine and it's definitely noticed if it's thrown off for her. She takes a mid morning nap, a long afternoon nap and a short evening nap. When she is awake, she loves to be talked to and will reciprocate. She has so much to say. She is generally a very happy baby with her bewitching hour happening around 7. She still wakes up once a night but is beginning to have periods where she sleeps all the way through. Hates her carseat if she isn't mobile and doesn't mind sitting in my Ergo. Emma is getting better at reaching and focusing on a toy and enjoys playing with her floor toys. Her tolerance level is pretty high thanks to Andrew. He has mostly good intentions but is still rough. Jake takes a softer approach. They love to call her "goo goo" and Emma Loulou. 
I've been tired. I've forgotten how difficult it is to do daily things with a baby and three children needing many different things is hard. My house gets neglected more then i like. A lot of things get half done. I just don't have the time and energy right now. I'm learning to try and be ok with that and not feel like I need to be superwoman. 
Ryan has been busy with work. No surprise there if you've kept up with current events. He doesn't leave the house without me praying for his safety. Through it all he has shown amazing strength and, I think, a deeper appreciation for our family. He adores Emmy and has way more patience with the boys. Our quiet time is short lived right now because we really just go to bed as soon as we can. 
Life right now is busy and challenging but in those moments where everything is aligned, it is the most precious.