Monday, March 26, 2012


*It's March?! Could have fooled me

*Andrew is getting into everything. And the boy can't even walk yet. Instead he pulls his table toy behind him to move. Really? Lord, help me; this kid is going to give me more gray hair
*I've had, um, quite a few breakdowns this week. Not really felt the need to blog about them; but I've been writing in my other journal. It hasn't been pretty
*...but nothing like pulling some weeds to make you feel better
*Made delicious shredded meat off pinterest for tacos. I heart pinterest
*Mercy Me's "The Hurt and the Healer" is an awesome song
*I realized when Jake turns 3.5, I will officially be in uncharted parenting territory. Makes me kind of sad-and scared
*Allergies are horrendous! Well, it's either that or the kids gave me a cold
*Got to spend some quality time (sans kids!) with my bestie
*Still need to spend some quality time out of the house with my hubby
*Getting a new manager at work; I wonder what is going to change...
*Talking about perfection and God and changing hearts in Sunday School. We will never be perfect, but we can change how we react and better ourselves to glorify Him. Always needing a reminder
*Just a few hundred dollars more and we'll have all the money for Daniel's Park Pet
*Going to be an aunt again and I.Am.Over.The.Moon. excited!

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