Saturday, June 21, 2014

Andrew is 3

I am a little excited this is the first year he gets to participate in the birthday questions. Mostly because I just don't ever know what it coming out of that little mouth :)
Andrew. What can I say? You are currently singing "It's my birthday time, it's my birthday tiiiiiime" You looooove to sing. Everything. From Frozen songs to Wheels on the Bus, the Bubblebee song, ABC's, to really just about anything you can put in song. And you sing it with such gusto. In fact, everything you do is fully charged and loud. You are my most confrontational child. If there is something that can be disputed, even if it is blatently wrong, you will voice your opinion and stick with it. But often times, with a reasonable explanation, you are agreeable.
You are fierce. With your play, with how you love, with your work. You are the strongest pink ranger ever and have no problem keeping up with the big kids.  You are strong and can easily take down your brother.  Sometimes, you don't realize your strength when playing with kids your own age and have to be gently reminded. Planes and trains also are in your play favor. Along with Dinosaurs and bubbles.
You love hard. You're re still a Momma's boy through and through and will weasel your way in and make your presence known. You love hugs and kisses and share enthusiastically. While you can be shy around new people and cling, once you've established them into your life you make room for them so easily. While it can be a chore to get you do clean up your messes, when you set our mind to doing something, you work very hard. While we were putting up chicken fence you stepped in and did a fair share of raking and picking up. I am still amazed at how much your little body can do.
All of your life has been with Jake. Now that he is transitioning to big kids school, you are feeling a little lost. Riding in the car by yourself confuses you and you sometimes don't know how to play alone. However, as much love as there is, there is also so much fighting. The two of you play hard, love hard and fight hard. Sometimes, it's all I can do to count down till bed time.
You are a dirty child-a typical boy-but if you did not intentionally mean to get dirty, you hate it and must be washed off immediately.  And bandaids make every booboo better.
We started the potty training expedition around 2.5 and you have done a stellar job. Except when you want to be like the big kids and stand. Ive used many a Clorox wipe on walls, floors and the toilet. But, it's a small price when I don't have to buy diapers as much anymore. We still have some work to do with putting pants back on; you come out often with them backwards.
We recently signed you up for swim class and you've been a bit apprehensive. But recently, we swam in a pool with a puddle jumper on and you were like a fish-or, as you called yourself, a bird. I still don't know why; maybe the arm flapping? The face you had was priceless and you did so well maneuvering around.
Your Dad and I joke about how difficult it is going to be for me when baby sister comes and you have to share more of yourself, and while it is partly in jest, I do worry. You have been the baby the longest and there is something about you that makes any person want to give more of themselves.; so to say you've been spoiled is pretty accurate. I just pray you see this as a chance to share yourself with her and the transition goes ok. I am no fool, though, I know to make sure there is special time with you and I.
This 3rd year is already starting to be a bit go a struggle with tears (from both of us), tempers (also, both of us) and trying to understand more but no quite having the ability to do it. Even after going through this stage two times prior, I still pray for lots of patience, ways to work with you and for a fast year ;) You are going to have many changes this year and I look forward-tentatively sometimes-to what you will discover.
You are my baby boy, my little gift given during a time that I would never has foreseen, and I love you so much. Your smile is my favorite and that hair of yours I die over (especially when it's even the   tiniest bit mussed because then you get angry and call it crazy hair and I must fix it). My little sweet and sour patch kid, you keep me on my toes and wear me out but make it all better with your hugs and kisses. I love you so much and always will.

What is your favorite number?  
Who are your friends? 
Cassie, Elena, Austin, Soulmik
What is your favorite toy? 
What is your favorite food?  
Chicken nuggets
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite thing to play outside? 
What is your favorite car? 
Pink car
What is your favorite book? 
Thomas book
What is your favorite animal? 
What do you want to do when you grow up? 
Go night night
What is your favorite thing to do at school? 
Who are your favorite teachers? 
Ms Cassie and Ms Kristen