Monday, January 30, 2012

To a girl I miss...

I dreamt about you the other day and you've been on my mind since. It came out of the blue and has instigated so many memories. I thought back and realized it has been...almost 8 years since we've laid eyes on one another-in the flesh. Time sure has a way of sneaking up on you.

Both our lives have taken us completely different directions when once upon a time, we were inseparable. We weathered junior high together, found first crushes, great ways of sneaking out of class and NSYNC. We grew into beautiful young women in high school, spent awesome summers getting tan and hitting the pavement in our tennis skirts, found more first loves and heartbreaks, fought hard and made up just as fiercely, shared dreams and ice cream, played Barbies and thought things would never change.

I know if you were here with me now, I know you would sit with me on the couch and ease some of my heartbreak because your heart is so big. I know you would chase my boys around and get down on your hands and knees a play cars and sing songs because, even as you grow into adulthood, you are still a little kid at heart. I know I would be sharing in your excitement and new dreams as you enter such a special time in your life, and we would probably laugh and eat more ice cream together.

Life has a funny way of smoothing you over, ironing out your past wrinkles, and helping you realize what is truly important in life. If there is anything that our past has taught us, is that love molds your heart and even though we've stepped in and out of each others lives, the memories and stories we made together, shaped a part of me today.

I am wishing you all the best from afar and maybe you will find the cookie dough in the milk aisle soon (because that's what you were trying do to in my dream ;)


  1. This made me think of my high school BFF. We rarely see each other now - she is in a different state and we barely get to talk. Back in the day, we were inseparable. Even though life has a way of moving and changing, we still have those fond memories that shape us and mold us. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Call her ... have someone else call her ... tell her you need her. She will be there. I absolutely guarantee this. Those bonds are still there - they do not go away. You need to call her. You must be surrounded by those who can comfort you in ways no one else understands. You need this. Call her.

    1. i agree. My hs bff and I were in touch but not close for years. i reached out to her after 8 years and it was so amazing. i love having her and all our memories back in my life. she is my soul mate in some ways. she knows me, she loves me, she needs me and i need her, know her and love her! it's not to late.

  3. I miss that girl too... Even better, if it weren't for her, we might not be friends today ;-) DO call her! Or email her. I know she'd love to hear from you

  4. I really should. I don't know what has kept me this long.