Monday, January 23, 2012


.We have marked more miles on our cars this past week than ever it feels like. We've had quite a first week with the house showings and have had to bundle up the kids everyday...and the dog. While it's great to have so much interest right off the bat, it's also very exhausting driving and bundling up children. Reason #247 that I am dying (maybe not literally) in our next house!
.I dislike taking the dog in the car. Why is it the bigger the dog, the stupider they are? Just sit down in the car and your legs won't splay out around you when the car turns
.I hate our mortgage company. Hate is a strong word-it fits
.But my faith in Jesus is making this whole mortgage/paperwork/house selling business better
.Hardship letter sucked too. Dear people who have never met me, let me tell you all about why I need to move. All the while reliving what happened. Gooood times.
.Ryan found this new (to us) show on Trutv. Hilarious. I wish I could remember what it was called because it is truly hilarious
.Have you ever stopped to think about what you think about at a red light? That was mentioned in Sunday School as part of what are character could show us. What does your mind turn to when you have a moment to stop? Mine turns to Daniel, God, Ryan, the kids and all the stuff I've got to get done...but then sometimes I just stare blankly at the lights. I wonder what that means?
.I have a time set up to meet with the Perinatal Palliative program with Wings. One step closer. yes
.Jake is losing his little boy look and getting his leaner, 3 year old look. Except his face. The boy will always have a chunk face. I am looking forward to seeing 3. Jake has been 2 for forever!
.The diet. Could be better, could be worse. Lost some weight but need to get my butt moving and exercise!
.In the next few weeks I am going to precept a Maryville student. Should be fun!
.Jake wants to be a Police Officer when he grows up. So cute.
.Andrew still has a round head-and I looooove that head. And his hugs, and his face grabbing, trying to eat your nose face. He is love, that boy.
.Can you believe it's almost February? Dang. Ready for some warm weather! Or next week to roll around because that seems to be the trend in good ol' Missouri. Snow one week, 60 degrees the next.

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  1. I like "random" posts.....
    So neat that you are one step closer to the Perinatal program. What a blessing you are and will be to so many people.