Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My special gift


Happy 6 months to you! Gosh, I can't even believe it's been six months. You have been such a blessing to me. If Daniel was my sensitive child and Jake is my comic relief, then you are my child that can weather anything. From excessive vomiting, preterm contractions, tornadoes, sadness, Jake :), you've taken it all in stride and are just one of the happiest babies. Your past 6 months have been anything but calm and you've taken it all and made some pretty special moments for us.

It's not by coincidence that you're here today. We were, in fact, trying to prevent another baby but God saw our bigger picture and blessed us with you; and if it wasn't for you-and Jake-my days would be much less happy. We have a very special bond and I can feel it every time you look at me. It's almost like you can look into my soul. You lift your head back when you're sitting on my lap and stare straight into my eyes and time stands still for just a moment.

Your laughter-screaming-is infectious. You blow the best raspberries ever and absolutely adore your brother. Even when he is trying to squash you. One of my favorite times with the two of you is watching you in the bathtub. You egg Jake on so much and just laugh at his reaction to you. You refuse to roll over but love to sit up and examine everything. I see a lot of Daniel in you when you do that. The jumperoo and our walking table are two of your favorite toys and you smile so big when you're in them. I see a lot of Jake in you when you do that. You haven't taken a food yet that hasn't agreed with your palate. Your refection is your best friend and you're still toothless!

You are a very special addition to this family. If these next 6 months bring me as much joy being with you as the past 6 months, my heart will be happy.
Happy 6 months, Sillers!


  1. God does work in mysterious ways! You have three very handsome boys! Jake is so cute I too can't believe he is 6 months.

  2. He is so special, just like your other two. I'm so glad that God gave you the wonderful gift of Andrew!