Monday, August 27, 2012

Photos from the phone-Monday edition

I posted this on friday because it was weighing heavy on my mind and after talking to some great people in my life this weekend and listening to the final installment about the fruits of the spirit in church, I have new perspective on my current stresses and feel recharged to tackle life.  I also realized I never did finish my post on joy versus happiness.  I think I'll start that at the end of this week.  I still am debating whether I need medication to help with my anxiety/mood stabilizing so if anyone has experiences or information concerning if they've ever needed medication to help with mood and anxiety please let me know.  I've looked into it a tad bit but I think I want to try a few holistic approaches, but I would love more information.  Does chiropractic work help for stress?  
But enough of the heavy; here are some pics of my little bits of God given joy :)

Oh, and this little nugget of truth


  1. Man, those boys are CUTE!!! Love them so darn much!!

    I'm not gonna bother you with my thoughts on meds again ;-) But, hey, it never hurts to try something more conservative beforehand. What's the worst that can happen? It doesn't help? No worse off than now so I say go for it. No right or wrong when it comes to this, I don't think. Dealing with anxiety/depression/stress is a very individual thing. No two people are the same. Do what makes you most comfortable. Love you bestie

  2. I took zoloft for 2 years to help with mood/anxiety. If there are any questions about that that I can answer let me know. I ended up stopping it and found the anxiety was coming back so I started counseling for a few months and that really helped. I wanted to try acupuncture but never did.

  3. Love those cute!

    Regarding's definitely worth talking to a doctor about.

    We are here for you whenever you need to talk!!

  4. I'm a little late to this (catching up...) but I've been on meds for anxiety since shortly after Charlotte was born (as you know.) I'd be glad to tell you anything about them that I know.

    My chiro has never been able to do much for anxiety, but I have done some other things to supplement my meds. Exercise is one, omega 3s, plenty of sunlight (I got a HappyLight and a bunch of full spectrum bulbs for the house), plenty of Vitamin D and foods which contain tryptophan (turkey, milk..) because they're needed to make seratonin.
    A lot of people swear my 5HTP. I haven't tried it because I'm still nursing, but once she's weaned, I think I will.

    Hoping you're doing as okay as you can. ((HUG))