Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Moving day has come and gone and we have just a few more loose ends to tie up and we'll officially be done-and then on to house shopping
Jake and Andrew have taken to waking up at 6:00-or earlier!-so by 9am it feels as if my day is half over
I've not been on the computer in some time and it's been refreshing.  I'm realizing just how often it monopolized my waking hours
Having said that, I do miss my MAC
Andrew is turning more and more into a Daniel/Jake hybrid.  He plays hard and I caught him trying to figure out the baby gate above the stairs. Oh jeez.
However, he does come up with some really great Andrew "songs" He loves to make noise
I can never get out of the DMV in less then 40 minutes.  It's excruciating.
Living with people who have 5 day work weeks makes me happy I only work 3.  I may get ribbed by my family that I hardly work, but at least they now have an errand runner
I am not missing my house but it is sad to walk through the boy's empty rooms.
 I watched the boys play with Sophia the other day and I thought to myself that this is what I would be enjoying if Daniel were still here. 3 kids making a mess and having fun
Whenever I point out Daniel's picture to Andrew it's almost like he studies it
I want all of my family in one place.  I miss them.
In a 15 minute period while trying to get my 28 week baby on the monitor, I heard about a 13 year old killing a 17 year old, 2 teens getting shot in a park and a bomb threat at Walmart. And that is why I don't watch the news
Had a very engrossing conversation at 3am with coworkers concerning God, religion and relationship.  It was thought provoking and fun
Dark Knight Rises was an hour too long for me.  Still a good movie
I love my husband.  And I'm proud of him and us.
I've been too tired to even think recently; this is my poor attempt at blogging :)


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  1. Even your tidbits come out sounding like poetry.....:)