Wednesday, July 18, 2012


"The heart says it all"
And that is what I said when we picked out Daniel's marker.  Some may get weirded out that I am posting a picture of my son's cemetery spot, but to me, this marker represents a whole year of struggles, hurt, sadness, anger, loss, forgiveness, hope, salvation, and promise.  To me, Daniel's marker is commemorating his life and what he meant to all of us.  
Back in February when Ryan and I went to choose the marker, we weren't sure what we wanted it to say or look like.  I just prayed that the perfect one would present itself.
We found that perfect one.  
It's simplistic but the depths of what it means to us entwines and magnifies the stone.  We chose the heart because anything else could not represent just how much he filled us with joy, love and happiness.  He had our heart, will always have our heart and will forever be a part of us.  I specifically wanted all of his name placed on it.  Daniel Robert Metz is significant. Ryan was the one that chose Daniel.  One of the first decisions he made for our boy.  Robert is after my Father.  My Dad was more than a Grandpa to Daniel.  He was one of Daniel's most favorite people.  And Metz is not just his last name, but a bond our family shares.  Ryan and I were joined together in marriage and created a family. Daniel is a product of our love and unity as a family.  The cross represents His promise to us.  His promise that those who love Him and believe in Him will have everlasting life and joy and will be reunited with family.  The cross is very much a part of my strength this past year.  
For me, his marker is a physical depiction, a final-well, marker-of our journey this past year.  Our first year of firsts is quickly ending and later we will move on the seconds, thirds, fourths.  No matter the time that does go by, his marker will always stand to represent my love for him.  I will always fight to keep his memory alive, will always embrace him as my first son, will never forget to utter his name or not share a special memory, will thank him, and God, everyday for saving me.  
I love and miss you so much, sweet boy.  We all do.  


  1. It looks great, Amanda. It was a wonderful choice. Thank you for sharing your heart regarding the choice of it. Love you friend

  2. It is such a beautiful marker~ I think it is perfect ~ the saying, the heart, the cross and his wonderful name. Thinking of you!! Thank you for sharing the marker with us!
    Lots of hugs and love sent your way~

  3. It is perfect! Thanks for sharing it with us. We will never forget Daniel. We will always speak of him and cherish the time we got to know him. He is truly a remarkable little boy and your family is a remarkable family. Love to you!

  4. I thought of you today and prayed for you all!