Thursday, February 23, 2012

Firstly, a cliff notes version of the history of Lent

I am not Catholic. But I am Christian and I think every Christian can agree that Jesus did truly go out into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, was tested by Satan and persevered because he had the Spirit of God within him-sustaining him. During this season, Lent is used as a period of prayer, spiritual growth, recognition of what Jesus means in your life and focus on what His resurrection means. (At least, that is how I feel about Lent) So, this season I am participating in Lent. It still seems so trivial in the grand scheme of things; I am only giving up 40 days of no candy, cookies, cake or ice cream (and for anyone that knows me, knows I love sweets-a lot) and Jesus gave His life for me, but I am hoping at the end of this, I come out more spiritually mature, stronger from fighting temptation and closer to God. Cake, cookies, candy and ice cream are obviously not the same as Satan, but it is still a huge temptation in my life and one that I fight daily. I am hoping by persevering through this temptation, I can grow stronger with others.


I have realized that finishing this at 1:00 am when I started yesterday afternoon caused major writers block, but you get my gist. 2 days and going strong :)

Dreamt about Daniel again that other night. It was weird. End of days stuff but we were meeting in a European apartment, I was trying to find Ryan and others, and all the while I was asking Daniel how he got to Heaven. He mentioned a bright light, angels helping him fly and seeing me praying on the floor. Yeah, you go ahead and decipher all of that. It's heavy.


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