Friday, November 11, 2011


*We've been teaching Jake left and right and all the names of his family and he is so darn cute when he says "Andrew Thomas" . He also calls Uncle Rob "Grom" so it was only natural that when he said Daniel's name, Daniel Robert, it came out "Daniel Grom". I laughed so hard

*Andrew has started growing so fast now! We just started him on a few solids and I don't think he's ever going to look back

*We met with our realtors this week and were slowly getting ready. I'm in task mode right now so I'm not fully processing what this move is going to mean, and I'm ok with that because frankly, I just don't want to open up those feelings right now

*I can only say it truly is a God send to have our specific team helping with our house. They are perfect for us right now

*I'm chopping my hair off-much to Ryan's dismay. Which is why I am doing it when he's sleeping. Ha!

*I'm seeing Breaking Dawn next week, and yes, I will openly admit to how excited I am

*I've been trying to make a point to read my Bible or spend some time in prayer before getting on Facebook. I don't do it a 100% of the time and I'm working on that

*I went into Hallmark to get Andrew's first Christmas ornament and heard all the Christmas music and started thinking this Christmas-and all others-are going to be so different. I missed Daniel A LOT that day

*I also realized Daniel is taking care of us even from above and watching over our family

*I've been teaching Jake that Jesus and Daniel live in his heart and they live in my heart. I pray everyday he gets a little more understanding and I pray I get lots of direction to train him up to be a spiritual boy and man

*Andrew gets quiet when I start talking about Daniel. It's kind of nice

*We gave Lance to another home. It was hard but it was best. He went to a really awesome family

*I thought I was obsessed with craigslist until I started selling things on there. Whole new level of obsession, people.

And ladies and gents, this was all in one week! It's been busy, my mind hasn't wandered a lot but it's felt full filling and tedious at the same time. Go ahead and try to figure that one out. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I like all these random things.
    I really like that idea of reading the Bible and praying before getting on FB. I'm going to borrow that idea. Thanks!