Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jake is 6

Jake is 6. While it truly feels like the kid should be turning 7 this year, just thinking about his growth and his little boyness now choked me up in the middle of Target today.

Jake, this year you have truly gone through so many new experiences. You started big kid school and got to ride the school bus, you had your first big kid play date without me, you welcomed in a new sister, you lost you first tooth-and then 4 more after that!-you experienced a "man haircut" at the barber shop, you learned pulling down your pants at the teacher gets you sent to the Principal and you got to see your fair share of letters written home about behavior. You also learned about math and reading and finished all 16 readers well before many others in your class. You worked on spelling and learning about punctuation and how to navigate through your school. You got to experience buying "tray lunches" at school and also found out how Mommy and Daddy can learn if you bought a meal without telling us. You had your first "girl friend" and announced in class she was "as hot as a blow dryer". You did vehemently deny Kelsey is your girlfriend all the while smiling through it. Now, she probably is a distant memory since she isn't even invited to your birthday party. You also got 3 new cousins and you love to name off all that you have. 

This year, we learned more about how to help you succeed in the classroom and not get so many letters sent home. It took awhile, but it has mostly worked. I learned this is not uncommon for young boys to have transitional behavior issues but it was still enough to make me cry and want to scream at the same time. Especially the flippant way you talked about in school suspension when you got to experience that for half a day. Outside of all of that, your flourish in school. You love learning about letters and words and numbers and making new sentences and rhyming. You also vocalized how you want to play trumpet in school because you love your music class. Going to the library each week was so exciting for you and we learned how to take care of school library books. You were in your first school Christmas musical this year and you thought you were cool stuff. You can't wait for summer school to start and want first grade to get her so badly. I am excited for it, too. I love learning and it's so awesome that you enjoy it, too. 

Your little personality has shaped a lot more this year. You have definite likes and dislikes now. You are quite obsessed with Dinosaurs and can name off quite a few and some of their habits and what their eating preference was. You schooled Aunt Em a little bit in them, too. Power Rangers Dino Charge started the fascination and then you just took off with it. Cars is another. There is a computer game you love to play that involves racing and advancing to a new tier. You've gotten to tier 5 now and your car garage has expanded exponentially in the game. Your favorites right now are Chevy, Mustang Cobra (your prized car) Audi and Nissan. You doodle the car emblems on top of picking them out and talking non stop about them. Literally, you will talk non stop about them. You have quite the anger streak still and stomp your feet, pout and cross your arms when you don't get your way. Or whine. It's so annoying. But it's still leaps and bounds better then when you were little so I will take it. On the flip, you are so gentle with your sister and love big. I mentioned on Mother's Day you show great affection to those you include in your circle and it's completely evident who you include. You love your family so much and never forget to include Daniel into it. That makes my Momma heart happy. You have a funny way of sounding like you're a know it all when really you are just self assured in yourself and what you have to say. You also think you're the most hilarious person ever. You have a new favorite show and it's like a little kid sitcom; Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. It cracks you up. 

We've also had some good discussions about God and Jesus and you ask good questions. You've been especially interested around Easter time and how Jesus died on the cross. We went to a Catholic Easter service and you noticed the wounds on Jesus' hands and the crown. I pray this is the foundation you need that grows into something more. 

This year, I cant wait to see you start baseball and first grade. To learn more from you and make more special memories. You are a great big brother, s sweet son and a funny kid. I love you so much, Jakey. Happy 6th birthday. 

What is your favorite number?  
Who are your friends? 
Allie, Jacob R, Jason, Rex, Levi, Tanner, Tommy, Josie, Alena, Caden, Cheyenne, Lexi, 
What is your favorite toy? 
Dino charge gun, Dino charge sword
What is your favorite food?  
What is your favorite color?
Red, yellow, black
What is your favorite thing to play outside? 
Power Rangers 
What is your favorite car?
Mustang Cobra
What is your favorite book? 
The Three Billy Goats (we named them after Daniel, Jake and Andrew)
What is your favorite animal? 
Cow. Because you get milk
What do you want to do when you grow up? 
Drive cars
What is your favorite thing to do at school? 
Who are your favorite teachers? 
Ms Morris and Ms Debby

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