Monday, August 5, 2013

Truth from a child

My blog has definitely not been an indication of how life has been over here; it's been quiet and life has been anything but. If its any indication, Andrew turned 2 in June and I still haven't posted a 2 blog!   
But this morning Jake shares with me  his child like wisdom on such a truth that I had to take a moment from work to share. To those that know, you know 2 years later we're still working on things concerning Daniel. It's been hard trying to decide the best course of action but this weekend I think God has been leading me in the right direction. I think it was further confirmed through Jake. 
Most days we constantly spell and learn new words and memorize. {Seriously, this kid LOVES to learn} We were working on the word "aroma" and he asked if he could say his memory verse from VBS. Like he would need consent from me :)
For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.
And Jake went on to say "And God asked me 'Why are you scared'" in reference to something that had placed fear in Jake. And Jake just said it so simply like it was that easy to be unafraid when you place trust in God.  
Isn't that what I've been trying to teach him? Give your cares and fears to the Lord for He cares for you? He holds us up and makes us victorious if we turn to Him? That what makes us fear will tremble in subservience to Him if we just let go of what gives us fear?
I think of a Bible story too concerning a man that believed so much in Jesus that he risked defamation to his name to wrap Jesus after his death. He had the courage to stand for what he believed to be true and went in with a can do attitude.  
And my mother in law had so much conviction over our situation that it makes sense to continue fighting for the truth. 
With all that and being in constant prayer, I think Ryan and I are making the best decision. My fear will not have hold over me. I will continue to stand in Daniel's honor. It's going to be another long period but if I can't stand for the truth, what am I really standing for?

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  1. What a great example - child-like faith & trust.....way to go, Jake!
    We are standing with your family! Hang in there - we are praying for you!! <3