Saturday, August 17, 2013

Andrew is 2 (and 2 months)

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew.
You by far are the most unique of the boys. You definitely beat to your own drum. You have a strong opinion, a strong disposition, and a strong body. Seriously, you verbalize what you want (or show it), you will stand firm on what you want and do not waiver until you have it, and you can literally push Jake's dead weight up a small hill on a bike. 
Since turning 2, your vocabulary has gotten more expansive. You are making 3 word sentences and we are having to guess less on what you want. You can count to 3, say A B and C and try to "read" books.  You love motorcycles ("cocor cycles")  and trains and PaPa. You associate motorcycles with PaPa and have even gotten the privilege to ride with him. From the driveway to garage. About 6 feet. Going .0002 miles per hour. But you loved every minute of it. You love being outdoors on a bike, chasing the chickens and cleaning. Really, you do love to clean. You are quickly turning into a brother see, brother do and it's never quiet when that happens. You still sleep with a pillow over your body and must have a book, 2 cups of milk, your Mickey,  and a motorcycle when you sleep. And Heaven help me if I try to read your night time story in a different spot. You quickly point to the correct spot and say, "Mommy, here". You love to ride in Daddy's car and get so excited when he picks you up from daycare.  You also love any push toy. Especially the pink stroller I got from a yard sale 3 years ago. You push just about anything in that. Even a miniature lego man. 
You have the most infectious smile. You give the cheesiest grins and a person would have to have a stone cold heart not to melt with the joy you give forth. You get super jealous if someone is entertaining me or PaPa and try to weasel your way in. You definitely have stranger danger now and will stand close beside me or grab my hand if someone you don't recognize begins talking to you. You HATE riding in carts and taking you to the grocery store now is probably my worst nightmare. Especially when you and Jake double team and start running around. You have a pretty healthy appetite and will eat most things. And get it all over your face and table. 
I still know that you are going to grow and accomplish something big. You just have a way about you and a voice that can be heard for miles. I look forward to watching you grow this year and start to become a little boy. I love you, Andrew Thomas, my biggest surprise and blessing.









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