Monday, May 27, 2013

Things my children say-Memorial day weekend edition

When asked where each family member is Andrew will say the name and point them out. When asked where Andrew is, Andrew points at himself and says, "me"

Andrew kept asking for Pawpaw this weekend. When I told him pawpaw wasn't here, he said "Aw, man"

Jake was talking to Ryan on the phone and he asked if all the bad guys were taken care of. Ryan said yes and Jake told Ryan he needed to come home now. When Ryan said he couldn't just yet as there may be more bad guys to take care of, Jake proceeded to tell Ryan to put them in a room, close the door and lock it and then he could come home. {Isn't that jail? ;)}

We were blowing bubbles this morning outside and Jake told us that he was blowing bubbles to go to Daniel's spot and that Daniel's spot was everywhere

I was talking to Jake about how he could be whatever he wanted when he grew up and he said when he grows up, when he's 8, he's going to be a race car driver