Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's odd, this wax and wan of grief. On the days were I feel as if I'm supposed to miss you more, I can recall such great joy with you. On the everydays, my eyes are so full of tears because I miss you so much. #untilthenmysweetboy

***I do have to add that even in the hard moments, The Lord always extends a way to soften hard edges. Thank you to a best friend who brings beautiful flowers to a little boys spot and is comfortable sitting next to me sitting in the grass of a cemetery and letting me ramble. Thank you to a best friend who can move easily in to and out of my emotional swings. It was wonderful sharing lunch with you. 
And thanks to a husband who shares a love of sleep and is ok cutting our out-without-kids-time so we could relax at home. . And thanks to a Pastor that had a more than perfect sermon to put life in perspective and a worship leader that had all the right songs. It's in the everydays that tears fall and tears dry but my Lord is present in both.***


  1. This makes my heart want to sing and cry all at the same time! Praise the Lord for his faithfulness!!

  2. Wow - you have a gift of writing. Thank you for the encouragement and you are an inspiration. Blessings. PTL