Sunday, November 25, 2012

Photos from the phone/thanksgiving week edition

Thanksgiving has come and gone once again. And while each month has something special, this month holds some of the most dear. In November alone I've experienced new family, a month celebrated at a new job, family reconnected, children at their best, and sometimes worst (yes, I'm still thankful for that) a possible new house, renewed love for the holidays, a good cry, the babies singing Jesus loves Grandma, cheesecake, much needed nap time, listening to my Mom speak of her faith, friendships, a good movie, date night with the hubs, comforting and challenging Sunday School discussions, noodles and cheese, game night, a hug from a new friend, movie night, special pictures and a clean car.
It's hard/unbelievable/welcoming/peaceful to say I'm at an ok place right now. I'm ok. I have so much to be thankful for, in even the littlest of things, but really, most often those are the biggest to be thankful for. Those small moments make me ok. Those moments are the encouragement needed for the not so good days. Like when I'm listening to Christmas music at work for the first time and pretty much breaking down over urine samples. If I can't see the beauty in my life interwoven with the ugly, what's the purpose of anything?

I think Jake summed it up pretty well. No frills, just simple thanks :)


Cousins that get to see each other daily. Even if parts of those days drive us insane :)

28 years, people.

Generations of men

Great weather

Total meltdowns.

Wonderful food

Special time with Grandpa Fishsticks

That face

No nights/weekends/holidays/extra stress.

Just crazy kids and movie nights


  1. I love it all :-) And, um, new house??? You better not be not filling me in on these things!!

  2. Love the "thanksgiving messages." Are you making a blanket or is it a table cloth or what? I LOVE THAT!!

  3. just found your blog tonite amanda. all i can muster thru my tears is that not having met you, i love you and your boys, all of them and my heart will carry a pray in it for all time to come. hugs