Friday, November 30, 2012

Mommy Moments

In lieu of photos for this Friday, let me share with you some memorable moments from this week. I tell ya, some of these will go down in history-mommy history.
Jake throws 2.of.the.biggest.tantrums this week. Monumental proportions, people. I laughed, almost cried, almost got kicked in the face but took it all in stride-and wrestled him into jammies and bed. End result? He's out like a light in 2 minutes.
Boy's bathtime. Jake says he has to get out to go potty. No biggie. He has a poopy and I hear a plop. I turn back around in the bathroom to tell him "good job" and I see Andrew. Standing up in the tub. Look of confusion on his face. And his poopy hanging out in the bath water. Ryan walks in to find all 3 of us just kind of staring at one another. I am surrounded by men and poop.
Chill time on the couch. Just me and the boys right before bed. We're watching Super Readers on PBS and Jake is so incredibly excited to spell "go" and seek out the letter J "for me". Andrew doesn't really know what's going on but he's clapping along. Later, he rests his head on me and I melt. Such a great night.
Jake doesn't take 20 minutes to get dressed and, aside from needing help buttoning pants, does it all by himself. Score.
Daniel's birthday project gets huge reception. I'm blessed to see such an outpouring of love and honored he is still a part of lives.
Andrew wakes up and cries from 12-2am. Up and down, in and out of our bed, he finally falls asleep with us. Jake walks in at 6 am, decides he doesn't like Andrew sleeping on our bed and wakes Andrew up. TGIF.


  1. Oh the life of a mother.....;)

  2. I LITERALLY lol at "I am surrounded by men and poop"! Sounds like my job ;-)