Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Some may see fall as a season to start tucking away for the winter; but not I. This season has always lifted me, renewing me from the inside out. Some of my most perfect memories have been woven into my heart during this season. This weekend was no exception.
In the midst of some heavy changes, Ryan, the men and I were able to step away and come together as a little family and make some deeply rooted, sweet memories. For a little while I was able to shake off cloaks of impatience, worry, stress and grief and focus on some special people in my life.
It was so much fun.  It was made even better when Ryan kept exclaiming over the weekend how much fun it was.
Things I learned:
Having Andrew as a sleeping partner is not good.  How can one little body take up so much room?  He literally jumps to his next spot to lay in
Andrew does not have night blindness.  He was quite capable running back and forth between the beds yelling like a madman
Andrew looooves goats and chickens
Andrew can reach ear splitting levels of screaming when he's done riding in the car
Jake makes up really funny stories when he's having his police car chase his Mustang
Jake is obsessed with bridges
The alarm accidentally went off at 6:15 and Jake popped up from bed, ready to go. Let's hope it stays like that during school
Jake's favorite animal currently is a mommy cow.  He learned about baby cows and daddy cows.  Still doesn't think the bull skull is a bull and not a goat.  I lost that battle
My hair can in fact smell like the hotel sheets.  Faint smells of some heavy bleach
You can still see Bison in Missouri.  Ryan had to back up to see it again
Ryan knows a ton about outdoors stuff
Andrew can still dance in his sleep
A shower makes everything better
Ryan feels most at home in scenic settings
I didn't constantly have to take pictures to remember our time-and I'm ok with that


  1. Sounds like you all had a great time and spent some much needed time together just having fun!!
    Very good! :)