Monday, September 17, 2012

15 months...

..and also my 100th post on this blog.  Wow.
You are something else.  Since turning a year you have just exploded into one huge ball of energy and joy and sound.  The noises that come from your mouth can rival any megaphone.  You laugh hard, scream harder and make so many words.  Currently you can say "outside" "bird" "dada" "mama" "car" "muah" "ca-ca" (for coo coo) "ju" (for juice) "shoe" "yeah" (and shake you head so cute when you do say it) "kaka" (kitty cat), "dis" and "cup". 
Long lost is the docile infant.  You are now a force to be reckoned with.  You can easily match strength, energy and eating with the big kids.  Jake can honestly be frightened of you now.  I've never had a child bite when he doesn't get his way and then a second later ask for a kiss. 
You're a climber.  On everything.  People, couches, rocking chairs (a favorite), hills, slides..the list is almost endless.  But you love to be carried. You could be the fussiest child and as soon as someone picks you up, it all turns off. 
If ever for a moment I thought you would be similar to your big brothers, I was only right in a small sense.  You love music like Daniel did.  Especially "Pontoon".  You dance and jump all over the place.  You also place your hands over your ears and listen to the sounds that you make just like Daniel did.  You enjoy driving cars and make such funny sounds while doing so.  You have temper that can rival Jake's. (I wish that wasn't a similarity between you two :)  You have a quiet sense about you when you meet new people simiar to Daniel; it's like you're sizing them up but you can just as easily jump in and play with others which makes it fun for Jake at the park. 
You have started to come into your own fast and furious, though.  You love goats and chickens; pretty much any animal in general.  Sometimes you don't know your own strength though, so we work really hard on being gentle.  Books. You love books.  But you rather sit on someone's lap and flip the pages yourself.  How dare someone try and read the book to you. 
I think my favorite part about you is your eyebrows.  They are so dark compared to your hair. (And your hair is a close second to one of my favorite parts of you)  You can show practically every emotion you're feeling just with those eyebrows.  OK, and your smile too.  Such a large, happy smile.  It melts me.  And your excitement when myself or Daddy comes home.
If you don't play football in school, then I've read you all wrong.  Your body was built to throw down.  The endurance and strength you have is astonishing for someone who is only 15 months.  People double take at your size. 
Raising such a big, boisterous little boy does have some challenges.  It's often that I pray you use your voice to speak honest truths and your strength and size to build up and not break down.  You were meant to be a special person in our lives and the lives of others and I pray your abilities touch the hearts of many.  I know you've undoubtedly touched my heart in a special, special way.


  1. Well said!
    To me, he is starting to look more and more like your Dad.
    He is so cute....all three of your boys are so handsome!

  2. P.S....Congrats on your 100th post. You are such a good writer!!