Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words.  A picture is made up of a million feelings.  A picture can evoke long ago memories.  A picture can make you smile, cry, cringe, laugh, embarrass, reflect. A picture can break your heart and then sew it up tight.  A picture can change the course of your entire life.  A picture can tell your story.
I made myself purposely look at a picture of Daniel last night.  It's amazing how you can gloss over something so well so it doesn't make you sad.  I look at pictures all the time, but rarely do I really look at Daniel's pictures.  It hurts.  But last night, last night I needed to look at my boy.  I needed to remember that face, cue up long ago memories-as much as it did hurt to do.  I needed a reminder of why I am still living, why I still go on loving, still worshiping, still making sure Daniel isn't forgotten.  I needed to remember for me, for Ryan and for Jake and Andrew.  To remember Daniel still is very much a part of my life even when he isn't by my side.  
My pictures remind me life is precious and sacred.  My pictures remind me my 3.5 years with Daniel don't even touch the blessed eternity I get to spend with him.  But it does make those years seem so much sweeter.  My pictures remind me I have little pieces of Daniel near my heart in the shape of his brothers and daddy.  My pictures will continue his legacy and bond my family. My pictures make me smile and cry but fill me with love.
A picture is sacrifice, tears, laughter, hope, longing, relationships, bittersweet, purpose, life.
His life.