Friday, May 25, 2012

Goal Met!

In a little over 7 months we have met our goal!!  Sometime soon the dog park pet will be placed in Eise Park in memory of Daniel.  I cannot thank enough the people that contributed, prayed, and sweated over organizing so many fundraisers for collecting the money.  It's humbling, loving and sad all at time same time.  And please, it's ok for me to be a little sad over it; I think anyone who participated may be.  It's never easy to think why we began this beautiful memory of Daniel in the first place. But the joy of seeing that park pet and remembering such a loving, fun, sweet, intriguing little boy does ease that pain for sure.  There is so so so so much thanks tonight.  


  1. That is very special~
    Since we cannot change the things that have happened, we must make the best of what we have~this is a very wonderful thing to do!
    You are amazing!