Thursday, June 6, 2013

Daddy of the year

As the boys and I were leaving this morning I noticed several baby frogs by the door. Before I could catch one for Jake they had hidden themselves in between the brick walk way. Jake has been determined to use his bug box he got as a birthday gift from Grandma, and quickly ran inside to get it and try and catch the baby frogs. We were running behind as it was and I told him we'd have to wait until this evening to find some more. As I was driving in to drop off the boys and head into work, Ryan sent me a text and said he had caught 3 for Jake and put them in his bug box. Those little buggers are smaller than a quarter and Ryan had gone hunting to find a few for Jake; just so he could have something in his bug box. There are many things my husband has done that make me so proud to call him my other half but getting that text this morning was one of the sweetest things ever. Especially since Ryan is on 3-11 and I know he's exhausted. I've almost been married to this man 6 years (Sunday!) and each year I just fall more in love with him watching him father our boys, take care of family and take care of me.