Thursday, April 18, 2013


At work today the radio stations weren't coming in with the greatest reception-outside of 102.5 and honestly, if I had to listen to that station again, I may have just cried; it's that annoying-so we opted to listen to the music on my iPhone. As I was dipping all my urine specimens (be jealous, people ;) and walking back and forth past the music, I mused to myself how intimate it was to share my personal playlist of music. To me, music can express everything you've ever not been able to express, every emotion you may have felt and can become a soundtrack to moments you have had.
As I listened to each song that played, I was able to reflect on what my music choices said about me:
For starters, I am cheap :) I could totally have more music on there but I hate spending the money
I am a follower of God. I worship Him with song
I have Mercy Me 'I can only imagine' as a memorial song to Daniel. (Plus, I just really like it)
I like free stuff. I have a few singles of the week and I must say, they're good and, even better, free
I'm a pop girl. JT, Carly Rae and Taylor Swift occupy spots
I kinda love Adam Levine
I can appreciate bluesy and soulful songwriting.
Les Mis is one of my favorite musicals as I have a few of the show's tunes
My mix is so very eclectic. I like to think it can hit a part of all the bits of my personality which can show just how easily I can relate to many types of people which in turn, helps so much in my profession. Really, listening to my music was almost reminiscent of an out of body experience of myself. If that even makes sense. I never thought to listen to music of my choosing to reevaluate me. Intwined with each word, each tune strummed, was a story of me; my heart aches, my joys, my desires, my fantasies. Music is such an art. Such a beautiful masterpiece of notes and words and melody. It takes you on such a ride of emotion. 
I am simply in awe tonight. 

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  1. Love this post!! You do have quite a variety on your playlist!!! One of my favorite quotes is by Martin Luther: "Music is the soul's endeavor to speak." or something like that. :)