Monday, April 8, 2013


I'm a fairly practical person. Yes, my emotions can run most of my life (I like to think that is what makes me uniquely me) but I am can see the practicality is most things. For instance, the matter of the weather becoming warmer and the need for the boys to change from winter to summer wear. I was aware long ago that eventually Jake would reach a time when 4t summer clothes would have to make an appearance. And it's ok. Yes, the articles of clothing removed from storage were the same shirts and shorts Daniel was wearing months before he died, but Jake needs summer wear and we have it. However, I think it's fair to myself to overrule wearing one shirt in particular. That's my prerogative. 
I was about 7 months pregnant with Andrew when Ryan selflessly stayed awake after working all night so that we may have a family day on Sunday. I remember feeling slightly ashamed that I was skipping out on church but knew that our days as a family of 4 were getting more slim with each passing day, and a rare chance to enjoy such beautiful weather with all of us couldn't be ignored. We walked all around old St Charles, walked to the river and back and enjoyed climbing on rocks. We also got a nice ride on a golf cart back to our car at the end of our day (I like to think it was my huge belly that won us that ride) It was also that day that Ryan took one of my favorite pictures of Daniel and the very picture we used at his funeral. Logic cant be argued when the very shirt in the picture I stared at for days upon days upon days is in my hands once more. I love all of my men, but that is one shirt that cannot cover another's back. I think it would hurt my heart too much. As of now, it's hard to comprehend how that shirt contoured around his little body. 
And since I'm on the subject of Daniel, I want to share a moment I had. It was one of the days I was driving to the new house shortly after we moved. I was alone in the car and alone with my thoughts when I got this overpowering scent of roses. For a long time I wore a necklace made of dried roses from Daniel's funeral and whenever I smelled the fragrance wafting up from my necklace line, I thought of him. I stopped wearing it a few months ago when I had a scare that it fell off and I lost it. It was found quickly, thank you, God. I smelled my air freshener, I looked into the compartment where my necklace does lay still but neither were emitting the aroma. I can with 100% certainly {faith} that that smell was for me as a reminder that Daniel is near me always. I had been having the biggest fear our new home would still feel empty, but my roses were a sign, a showing from God, that as long as my memory and my heart are filled with love for Daniel, my home will never be without him. In the days since I sometimes sniff my car strongly to see if the smell will present itself again, but it doesn't happen. What I got to experience was such a special gift from a Father that can hear my cry no matter how quietly I may present it. 
And before I almost started crying tonight, my Jake, in ways only a child can, lifted my spirits by exclaiming over the clothes that Daniel sometimes makes funny faces at him.  And our verse tonight was on Jesus being alive. He is alive. And my Daniel is alive in Heaven, in our memory, in our stories, our pictures, our hearts, our home. 


  1. Great wonderful that God would give you those special moments!
    All my love to you, Amanda <3

  2. AJ and I had a Daniel moment the other day in the care....We were on the way to his school, and we passed by the cemetary. AJ asked if Daniel was still there...As we rounded the corner...Elton John's "Daniel" came on the radio.
    Guess GOD really does do "magic" as AJ says.