Saturday, March 16, 2013

I had to lay down with Andrew this afternoon so that he could settle himself down to nap. Not unlike another brother of his that needed the same. Laying with Andrew and watching his eyelashes flutter to his cheeks and watching his mouth sigh with the release he was finally giving in to, my mind wandered to another time when I would lay with Daniel and help him fall asleep. I remember even taking a flashlight in once to read a book while he settled down. I can still feel the slipperiness of his water proof mattress under his Toy Story sheets and smell the scent of a little boy
We're moving soon. Very soon. To another home, in another county entirely. Most often when I think of moving, I'm excited at the prospect of building, planning, shaping a new future with my men. I am gearing up for more change. This time it is more about healing then the feeling of being torn apart from the inside. Our little family has made it almost 2 years in the limbo of working past the old to rebuild the new. God has led us through the valley, He has prepared a home for us and throughout, the chance to mourn, learn, practice patience and appreciate family.
Please pray for a smooth transition as our family, once again, reinvents a newer normal. I can't wait to share what God has prepared for us.


  1. Amanda -
    I am praying for the very best transition ever!

  2. Thinking of you and hope your transition will be as easy as possible.
    Enjoy your new home!